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Distribution Channels

Print Distribution

We utilize our unique distribution channels to spread the word through our print, websites, social media, partners, advertisers and affiliates.

We advertise your promotions card in 101 Things To Magazines in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. We also advertise in our own publication, Visitor Savings Maps.

Your message is delivered to over 100,000 people monthly. In addition to this reach, you can share your offer on your business or rack cards, or through any other advertising vehicles of your choice. Be sure to place your digiTikit (wallet pass) on your website and on your social media sites. It’s truly the most efficient and affordable way to advertise.


Go to page 43 in the 101 San Diego magazine

Sample fold out publication

Digital Distribution

Visitor Savings International has partnered with many websites that utilize our digital wallet passes. From hotels, Visitor Information Centers, RV Parks to Retail stores, activity stores and chambers of commerce we cover it all. With our internet distribution, we reach over 100,000 viewers monthly. We have placed banner ads on all of the Southern California, Nevada and Arizona 101 Things To Do websites along with backlinks on their partner pages.

We place banner ads on our sites, 101 Things To do sites and Newdeals2day websites. With this extensive amount of coverage, we promise to deliver great results for your business.

Social Media Distribution

At Visitor Savings we love being social!

As we mentioned earlier, we have an extensive network for distribution and social media marketing is one of our most powerful tools. It’s simple to place your digital promotions card on any form of social media. Whether it be with simple QR codes or “text me” messaging. You can promote your card on our network and of course on your own.

With over 85,000 Twitter fans on 101 Things To Do Sites and 8,000 on our Visitor Savings site, we will showcase your promotion to our own followers and also our peer’s twitter pages.

With Social Media Marketing the opportunity for promoting your product is endless.

Think of all the possibilities there are! Use your promotions card to have your fans share the cards with their friends!

Your Own Distribution

This is the real magic of the digital promotions card.

No one promotes your business better than you. Setup your own marketing campaign utilizing Social Media, internet marketing and print. We’ll show you how!

Place your promotional card on all of your business collateral. We use counter top displays, table tents, rack cards and our own business cards to promote our Visitor Savings Club! Start promoting your business today.